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For the past forty-four years the Celebration of the Humanities Competition has recognized excellence in creativity and critical thinking to students at Modesto Junior College.

With over twenty contests in nine different categories, the Celebration of the Humanities Contest offers an opportunity for students to showcase their insights, sills, and passions in a variety of artistic mediums and offers a career enhancement for students seeking employment in a range of different fields.

"Winning awards in the painting division of the humanities competition gave the competition gave me the confidence to push forward as an artist and exhibit my work in local shows!  Since then, I've taken on multiple commissions and a mural because the Humanities Competition gave me the confidence to put myself out there."

-- Caleb Dowdell, 2020 Art Contest Winner 

"Being a participant in the Celebration of the Humanities was a high point of my education at Modesto Junior College.  Seeing my drawings displayed in the gallery and having my hard work acknowledged helped inspire me to keep going and pursue my career in art.  Being treated as not just a student but as an artist pushed me to keep working on the subject I love most and make it a part of my future."

--Chelsea Gilmore, Former Art Contest Winner, Current instructor of art.

List of Categories and Contests


  • 3-Dimensional Drawing
  • Painting
  • Graphics
  • Mixed Media
  • Graphic Narrative / Comic Book
  • Dance/Chorography
  • Humanities Essay
  • Music Composition
    • Classical
    • Popular
    • Electronic
  • Musical Performance
    • Classical Solo
    • Pop Solo
  • Photography
    • Black and White
    • Color
  • Theater
    • Monologue
    • Playwriting
  • Writing
    • Academic Essay
    • Creative Non-Fiction
    • Short Story
    • Poetry
  • Film
    • Sixty (60) Second Short
    • Five-Minute Film
    • Short Film (15 minutes or fewer)


  • Jim Brannon April 2022 $100.00
  • Johanna Isaacson April 2022
  • Shelley Circle April 2022
  • Jim Johnson January 2022 $150.00
  • Eileen Faria January 2022 $50.00
  • lee bailey for photography October 2021 $600.00
  • Pamela and Paul Neumann November 2021 $500.00
  • Roger Smith October 2021 $500.00
  • Jeff Swank October 2021 $500.00
  • Michael Sundquist October 2021 $500.00





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