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Amidst the medical and economic crisis we’re facing, many MJC students are working to complete their courses and programs against the odds.  So, we’ve mobilized the MJC Student Resilience Fund to help with emergency micro-grants and the Pirates’ Food Pantry.  Will you help us in this effort to help students…like Nancy? 

Nancy was an MJC student this past spring.  When COVID-19 hit, her father lost his job and the family struggled.  Nancy said, “the Pirates’ Pantry supplied food for our table, and the Pirates’ emergency micro-grant helped fill the gaps.”  Since then, Nancy has graduated and begun her junior year at UC Merced.  She is grateful for her time at MJC and for the support of people like you.


  • Anonymous December 2022 $100.00
  • Michelle Kehoe Pirate's Pantry August 2022 $20.76
  • Anna Moreno April 2022 $500.00
  • Michelle Kehoe April 2022 $20.00
  • Anonymous October 2021 $20.00
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  • Anna Moreno April 2022 $500.00
  • Jeff Swank October 2021 $500.00
  • Anonymous December 2022 $100.00
  • George and Anna Boodrookas October 2021 $100.00
  • Anonymous October 2021 $50.00
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