Our Fundraising Page

Funding from the State of California is often earmarked for specific purposes.  It doesn’t meet some of our most pressing needs.  Your gift to the Centennial Fund will support direct student aid in the form of scholarships and emergency grants.  And your donation will support innovation that helps students, faculty and staff to create and build just-in-time programs and curriculum that prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.  

Your centennial gift will grow our ability to keep MJC at the cutting edge and keep our students in the game! 

Thank you in advance for your support!


  • Anonymous December 2022
  • Kent Crawford E. Mayman Scholarship August 2022 $10,000.00
  • Thomas Zimmerman August 2022 $15.00
  • Sherri Stoll August 2022 $20.00
  • Joe Adams August 2022 $20.00
  • Smith/Parodi Scholarship Trust January 2022 $510,000.00
  • Gerald Caudle Trust August 2022 $250,000.00
  • Tom and Grace Van Groningen April 2022 $202,000.00
  • Jacqueline Foret Scholarship Trust January 2022 $200,000.00
  • Jay Pritzker Foundation January 2022 $150,000.00





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