#GivingTuesday 2022

TODAY, you could make a positive impact for a family with a sick or injured child!

It is hard to put a price tag on the value of a night’s stay with RMHC. We offer all the comforts of home including comfortable rooms to sleep, spacious kitchens and dining rooms with food accessible all day and hot meals every night, entertainment rooms with play areas, a library, laundry facilities, playground and computer access.  With our expansion, increasing costs, and taking in account the additional services we offer families staying with us, the value of a night’s stay is now $150. 

When parents have sick children in the hospital, the child is the only thing that should be on their mind. We help take care of everything else so families can focus on their child. The Pilchers stayed at the House for 116 nights, watching their son grow from one pound to eight, all while knowing that they also were being taken care of.

After a routine checkup appointment back in October, 29 weeks pregnant Keeli Pilcher was transferred to Erlanger Baroness Hospital, from Rome, GA, for an emergency C-Section. Keeli, and her husband Alex, welcomed baby Asher at 29 weeks old and one pound, 14 ounces.

“You don’t ever have to figure anything out,” says Keeli. “You come here and you just get to focus on the care of your child, that’s all you have to worry about.”

This #GivingTuesday, give back to help us move forward with our growth and provide essential services for families like the Pilchers who have sick children in the hospital. 

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