About Our Beneficiaries

The Fund for Innovation and Clinical Excellence

Proceeds from the Taste of France Gala will support the Nemours Children’s Fund for Innovation and Clinical Excellence to expand our ability to meet the continuously changing needs of children across Florida. The Fund will help fuel pioneering research pilots, recruit world-leading physicians and develop our physical spaces to meet the needs of Florida’s growing population. Nemours Children’s is and always has been so much more than a hospital – from bold innovation to ambitious advocacy, our commitment to community is at the heart of everything we do.

Recognizing the need for highly specialized services dedicated exclusively to children more than a decade ago, we set out to completely redefine children’s health, starting in the places kids live, learn and play. At other health systems, a children’s wing or clinic may be part of a larger adult health system, sharing facilities, technology or staff that are not solely devoted to children and adolescents. At Nemours Children’s, taking care of children is all we do, and our facilities and technology are designed accordingly. This means that kids across Florida receive expert care, developed just for them, closer to home, when they need it most. 

Our mission has expanded to not only serve the sickest children regardless of their ability to pay, but to work with likeminded partners to prevent children from getting sick in the first place. By treating the root cause of illness, our goal is for children to never need to walk through a set of hospital doors, allowing them to live full and healthy lives, while achieving their full potential undeterred by factors beyond their control. This is the ethos behind our new tagline: Well Beyond Medicine.

The Taste of France Gala is an opportunity to show your support for the brave doctors, nurses and staff who work tirelessly in service of the sickest children. This year’s Gala will also highlight the incredible achievements of our Cardiac Center and Autism program, which have made incredible strides in research and treatment options.

By supporting Nemours Children’s and the Fund for Innovation and Clinical Excellence, you are investing in a future in which all children, regardless of who they are or where they live, have access to the highest standard of care. Together, we can fundamentally change the way America cares for its children and create the healthiest generations to lead the future of our nation.

The Cardiac Center

Since establishing the Cardiac Center five years ago, we have made astounding progress in meeting the greatest challenges facing the tiniest hearts. As a national leader in pediatric cardiology, we care for children with common, complex, and rare conditions, and specialize in detecting heart problems early, treating them using the most advanced technology. Our programs treat children with conditions such as irregular heartbeat, congenital heart disease, and 40 other genetic heart problems. With the need for complex heart surgery and treatment more pressing than ever, the future calls for the expansion of advanced interventions in open heart surgery and heart transplantation. We aim to assemble the country’s great pediatric specialists under one roof with the most advanced and innovative resources at their disposal.

Nemours Autism Intervention Program

Through research and dedicated practice, our Autism program has helped us achieve a greater understanding of the human mind and how to treat children with diverse neurological needs. Nemours Children’s has built a strong reputation for effective, thoughtful care and support of children with ASD and their families, in addition to success with early screening and diagnosis. Together, we can address the growing demand for ASD treatment, advance cutting-edge research, and advocate for increased awareness and understanding of ASD. With ASD diagnoses across the country on the rise, we know our greatest challenges exist alongside the potential for life-changing breakthroughs as our knowledge expands. Early interventions and access to top quality treatment can help unleash the great potential and talents of people with ASD in our society, building a world of care that allows them to thrive.