What Is the 1977 Society?

The 1977 Society is an exclusive group of NCPDP Foundation supporters that help build sustainability into the Foundation’s ability to expand the role and value of the pharmacist, increase patient access to care, and enhance patient safety.

You can become a 1977 Society member today by donating a cumulative total of $1,977 in a single calendar year to the NCPDP Foundation. The total society contribution may be made in a single transaction or you may donate in smaller amounts throughout the year to total the $1,977 by year end. Through a matching funds program established by NCPDP, any donations made toward becoming a 1977 Society member will be matched. That means your $1,977 donation would be doubled through matching funds to $3,954!

As a member of this giving society, you can expect to receive a lapel pin with a sapphire for each year of membership. Upon the 10th year of completing a 1977 Society membership, donors receive a lapel pin with one diamond and nine sapphires, and become a 1977 Society member in perpetuity.


1977 Society Members

Harold Barnes

Jenny Birk

Tom Bizzaro

Richard Brook

Maggie Bruce

Michael Bukach

Dale Chamberlain

Brian Correia

Michele Davidson

Jeff Deitch

Alan Gardner

Mark Gingrich

Catherine Graeff

John Hill

Gregory Kaupp

John Klimek

Bruce Laughrey

Perry Lewis

Mike McBride

Tim McNeil

Mara Mitchel

Kay Morgan

Steve Mullenix

Robert Nickell

Charles Oltman

Andrea Osborne

Charlie Pulido

Greg Pulido

Scott Robertson

Richard Sage

Mike Satterfield

Tony Schueth

Pamela Schweitzer

Phillip Scott

Mindy Smith

Lee Ann Stember

Christian Tadrus

Darren Townzen

Michelle Vancura

Afton Wagner




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1977 Society Member Testimonials

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Mark Gingrich

John Hill

John Klimek

Mike McBride

Lee Ann Stember

Michelle Vancura

Afton Wagner