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Colleen Follano

May 5, 2018 - February 25, 2019

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Parker Maze Follano

The words “Sorry there's no heart beat” still echo loudly for us each and every day.

On August 3rd 2016 at 11:40 am, we gave birth to our stillborn daughter Parker Maze Follano. After 224 days of what we thought was a healthy pregnancy. We were completely caught by surprise with the horrific news.

With the support of our amazing families and friends, we are doing okay. We are trying to take one day at a time, finding some peace in the thought that our baby is in better hands than ours. Our hearts ache, but we are choosing acceptance and trying to channel our engery into something positive.

Parker is an angel who was loaned to us for the length of our pregnancy. Part of her purpose was to break the silence surrounding stillbirths. 

1/160 births in the US result in stillbirth. These occurrences blindside many families, healthcare professionals, and loved ones alike. 





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  • JAM Sewer Cleaning Services Inc. May 2018 $2,000.00
  • Mercury Envelope Company May 2018 $100.00
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