New Soul International is an organization based in Ethiopia that seeks to care for those who are persecuted and socially ostrasized for their faith. Throughout the Ethiopian country, Muslim extremists and religious elitists are responsible for the murder of thousands of Christians who profess their faith in Christ. Unfortunately, over the years, it has become an everygrowing and paramount social tragedy across the Ethiopian coutryside. Many who have found their faith in Christ are murdered, excommunicated, and treated as castaways from their culture and their families. 

New Soul International seeks to combat this by caring for the victims of these forms of injustice. Congruently, the ministry's mission is to also share the gospel through discipleship and missions. To the glory of the Lord, many Ethiopians today are finding their faith in Christ by the hundreds. New Soul International's desire is to see to it that these citizens and people groups are cared for and provided with all of the basic needs required to live healthy, meaningful, joy filled lives despite the religious persecution that surrounds their landscape. 


New Soul International links arms with ministry partners in the United States to finance and strategize complex care plans for those who are victims of persecution in Ethiopia. With the finances we recieve through our friends and ministry partners, we provide clothing, food, and housing for those who have been ostrasized for their faith. 

Our mission is a lofty one. Providing grassroots care for those who live in a country where systemic oppression is all too normal is a task that requires finances and top notch strategical processes. Consider partnering with us to love, care for, and look after the least of these. 


We'd love to link arms with you. Every financial gift you provide goes toward our gospel mission in Ethiopia.





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