Welcome to our Pandemic version of summer camp

Last Summer over 50 kids had 7 weeks of straight up un-boring, Spiritually rich, high-end summer camp experiences. That's right. Bankhead kids got the best Georgia has to offer, and through our summer camp programs many youth made committments to follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and seek to live for him in their home and community life. Unboredom in a Kingdom-rich environment will do that for you! 

It's back again this year but because of COVID-19, we have readjusted and need your help. 

4 weeks. 35 kids. Learning to work and making money.

(And then two weeks of fun after that)

You heard it right... All the camps we usually go to are pretty much closed due to the pandemic, but that's not stopping us from giving our youth a spiritually rich, safe and productive summer.

This summer we are launching a workforce development program for our youth where they will learn various career skills, work ethic, character, financial management, and a whole lot more... And they will actually work and make some money too


When?   June 15th - July, 2020. 4 weeks of work, 2 weeks of fun. 

What?    Through your generous gifts we are hiring experts in various fields and paying our youth to apprentice under these experts for 4 weeks, acquiring job skills while also being mentored by these strong, Godly, black leaders... and they get to make some honest money too! Sounds pretty unboring right? Some of the work our kids will be doing will be in a studio, hair salone, lawn care, car wash, daycare, and food bank. 

After we finish 4 weeks of work, we will spend the last two weeks doing fun things like camping, and ropes courses and laser tag... Work hard AND Play hard. 

How?    With this Pandemic and protests changing our world the last few months, we had to adjust our programs to meet the need. We chose 35 of our most committed youth and have decided to put everything we can into their spiritual, mental, emotional and vocational development this summer. Through strategic partnerships with generous donors as well as business partners, we are attempting something that we believe will matter greatly to the futures of our youth. Help us help them!

Summer Camp Scholorship Fund






Please email Danny Iverson at dannyi@restorelife.net

We are thankful for our backers!!!!

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Unboring Camps we went to last year

Through strategic partnerships with these high-end, gospel-centered camps, our community youth get the best in safe and adventurous fun as well as awesome and relevant teaching from God's Word.

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