Introducing Paws in the Park 2021 AmbassaDOG(s)!

Drum roll please…🥁🥁🥁 Simba and Nala are the WINNER(s) of our 2021 AmbassaDOG(s) Photo Contest for the RISPCA’s 19th annual Paws in the Park!

A little bit about these two from their Mom: “Simba & Nala are both rescue dogs, Simba came to us from East Coast canine rescue when he was just 3 months old, his mom was rescued from a drug house, emaciated and pregnant with 16 puppies. He was scrunched in his moms belly, and has a ‘fancy toe’ to prove it. Nala was found wandering the streets of Texas and came to us from Anchor Paws Rescue. She is the true rescue dream, she had never even played with a toy before. Now she has everything she could have ever asked for, including her big brother, Simba. The pair are a hit at daycare and even help their mom fundraise for various local animal organizations!! They also have their own Instagram! hakuna matata, amiright???”