2024 Vendors

We extend a warm invitation for vendors to join us and become an integral part of Paws in the Park! By participating, not only will you contribute to the valuable work of the SPCA, but you will also gain access to a vibrant community of animal enthusiasts in our local area. With approximately 700 attendees, Paws in the Park presents an exceptional opportunity to connect with a diverse and passionate group of individuals who share a deep love for animals!

You can join us for $25 and as an exhibitor, your business will have the opportunity to sell items, distribute samples, demonstrate products, gather contact information, and make superior face-to-face impressions.

Please note: We do not accept applications for rescue groups or other nonprofit animal organizations. We will also review all applications to ensure that all items and services complement our mission and are not in direct competition with our sponsors.

Please email gennam@yourspca.org for our Vendor Form