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Lauren Mack

January 1, 2021 12:00am - April 25, 2021 7:59pm

I'm taking a dunk to fill a bunk!

Why I Plunge: Camp Fitch changes lives.


Camp changes the lives of parents, counselors, teachers, chaperones, volunteers, staff, visitors and most importantly, campers!


When we plant our feet in this soil and take in the beauty of the lake, we are opened up to the lessons these sacred grounds and phenomenal programs have to offer. At Camp Fitch, regardless of the identities we hold or the economic statuses we come from, we are transformed into better versions of ourselves. Campers who come for a few hours or stay for a whole week of camp, discover ways to be empathetic with each other, practice vulnerability and learn the practices that enable us to grow into the best versions of ourselves!


My favorite things at Camp Fitch are the sunsets, horses, trees, turtles, waves, rocks, sand, rock climbing walls, hobby farm, zip line, archery, crafts, songs, stars, water, counselors and so much more.


These wonderful things would mean nothing if we were not for the children with which we get to share it! I hope you will take this opportunity to change a child's life.

Please consider donating today.

Please help me support the Fitch for All Initiative -- because I believe in the power of overnight camp first-hand and want more kids to have it.













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