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We're in the final stretch, and challenger Steve Dehond asked to keep striving toward the $50,000 goal.  We met the moment!  Thank you and thank you Steve! 


ACHIEVED!  Bob and Patrice Keet Challenged Us to reach $30,000 and they added an additional $10,000! 


"As a teenager I played a couple of small parts in the Saranac Lake Summer Theater which was a precursor of today’s Pendragon Theater. Pendragon is asking for your support to build a new theater which will provide a space for local families, school children and visitors to experience the wonders of live theater. Thanks for helping out!”


-- Patrice Keet, Pendragon Board Member





ACHIEVED! Thank you to Erin, Andy and all the donors who helped us blow past $20,000 by 2:30pm. 


ACHIEVED! Steve Adams and Bonnie Keet Adams have generously challenged us to get to $7,000 by 12pm and added $10,000 to our total!



ACHIEVED! Bob Holum helped us start out strong with a $1,000 challenge. 

First thing this morning, we reached $3,000 of our total goal! 


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Time for a Another Pendragon Poll!

Time for another Pendragon Poll! Which Pendragon Premiere Transferred Off-Broadway in 2023:

1. Circle Mirror Transformation

2. Friends with Amenities

3. Lost Lake

The Answer Is...Friends with Amenities!  Great job Peggy LaPoint Orman!  


Time for a Pendragon Poll!

Melinda Little asks: Which famous actor starred in Peter Dee's Amber Patches in 1999?

1) Kevin Bacon

2) Julie Harris

3) Sigourney Weaver

The answer is.....


"She stayed in the attic guest room at my old house, which was once an active cure cottage, and is now Mike and Sarah's house.  I remember her reading something to me during her stay and it was magical. She could have been reading the phone book and it would have been magical- she had that kind of a presence." 

Goal Achieved!!!

Wow! Our community came together to raise nearly $60,000 for the Next Stage for Downtown New Theatre Campaign in one day, far exceeding our hopes.  Your generosity is incredibly appreciated.


Please look forward to a proper thank you tomorrow, when we can report the final totals. 

If you missed us today, never fear, you can still participate.  Everyone loves a good encore! 


From the Desk of Mayor Williams....

"Saranac Lake is so very lucky to have Pendragon Theatre!

It is wonderful to see support for the new theatre growing at every level.

Founders Day is yet another example of our community coming together, and we cannot wait to have a state of the art facility in the heart of our downtown for all of our visiting and local actors to perform!"

Mayor Jimmy Williams

Where did the Pendragon Name Come From?

I was on a cross country bike trip after the 1980 Olympics. When I returned, my family and friends, many of whom were literally plucked from the streets with limited theater experience, were all rehearsing Streetcar in a little space on Main Street. While I intended to be a viewer and not a participant, Bob and Susan, who were incredibly nurturing and committed to finding local talent at every level, roped me in after that show.  They were so inclusive that when it came time to find a name, they asked us to send ideas.  I had been reading a book on Arthurian legend, and later while walking in the greenery of the Adirondack spring and thinking “this reminds me of Wales” and the character Uther, who was the “Chief Dragon” or “Pendragon” popped into my head….sort of dropped out of the sky like Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz….I suppose the rest is history”  Tom Delahant

And for more, check out this excerpt from an Historic Saranac Lake oral history project featuring Tom!


Hear from Peter Dean, who helped produce "Take Me Out,” Tony Award Winner for Best Revival

Check out his video to us here:


Peter Dean Award.jpg

More History Continued.....

"Bob and Susan had in mind to put on a production of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams with a budget of $250. Bob would produce, direct and publicize; Susan would play Blanche. They needed at least eight more people. The storied night they held auditions in the bookshop, the only one to show up was Fran Yardley. The three of them finally gave up hope anyone else would appear and began scouring the bookshelf in the Drama Section of the compact bookstore, looking for plays with three characters. Then in the door walked 6'4” brawny Jay Ellsworth, perfect to play Stanley Kowalski (the Streetcar role played by Marlon Brando). His neighbors, Diane Fortado and Phil Newton, had followed Jay in and were immediately cast as well.

            Somehow they found people to fill out the cast, including Elliott Verner who was willing to play the small part of the Doctor because, as he said, “I am a theater buff, but not a real actor.” Manny Bernstein, Rich Merritt and Georgette Duval also took on roles." Excerpt from Pendragon Theatre: More Than Entertainment - A Vital Part of Life by Fran Yardley

Learn more in the "More History" Tab above. 

Message from Anita Montgomery!

Anita Montgomery,  a founding member of Pendragon Theatre, dramaturg and director, jazz/blues/folk singer, teaching artist, and arts administrator shared:

“Pendragon taught us how to really work, dig deep and be generous. My friend, Joe Guzman and I were reflecting that it was at Pendragon where we feel we really learned our crafts. We pushed and supported each other, and we took big risks in our work. It’s exciting to know that a small company like Pendragon, in the middle of the Adk Park, continues to  thrive and make a difference in the lives of the people it serves, as well as a huge contribution to theatrical excellence in NY State.”Anita Montgomery

Check out this video from Doug Haney!

Thank you Doug for sharing this touching story about your family! 


Message from Board President Melinda Little:

"It was largely due to Pendragon and Bob Pettee and Susan Neal's shared dream of creating a year round company of actors committed to producing quality theatre, that I moved here full time roughly thirty years ago now. I am grateful to them for their vision and to all of the people in our community, both behind and in front of the curtain who have supported the Theatre in so many ways over the years. We hope you'll enjoy the memories as we celebrate our very own "Once and Future Theatre," today."

Message from Pendragon Founders:


Some years ago Susan and I likened Pendragon and its growth to the construction of medieval cathedrals ... nameless masons stopping for a while to add to the building. In Pendragon's case some of those "masons" brought paper and pen, some actual stones, some fabric, some - a gift for telling of stories, some music, some light ... and so much more...

It looks as if soon the masons will construct the bell tower and perhaps the spire.

As two of the early masons, we wish you well and send all best wishes for success in your fundraising and the construction!" Susan Neal and Bob Pettee

Welcome to Pendragon Founders Day! NEW CHALLENGER!


Great news, we already blew past our first challenge goal!


 And....we have another challenger!

Steve Adams and Bonnie Keet Adams have generously challenged us to get to $7,000 by 12pm and they will add $10,000 to our total.  

They share:  “Pendragon was my boys' introduction to live theater when they were just little nuggets. Giving children such an accessible and engaging on-ramp results in a life long love and devotion to the arts. Pendragon has a unique ability to move between family shows to deeply proactive adult topics.  Summer would not be complete without a large family outing to one of the plays.” Steve Adams and Bonnie Keet Adams

A Little History....

 "I honor and share the vision of Bob Pettee and Susan Neal, founders of Pendragon Theatre: First and foremost, to have the highest standards in scripts chosen and in all facets of putting on a production; to involve the community; and to challenge, educate and enrich the audience. If Pendragon can carry this vision forward, it will be a huge asset to our community and to the arts." Fran Yardley 

Fran's eloquent piece helps us place Pendragon Theatre in the fabric of Saranac Lake:

"Pendragon began in 1980. To be clear, the name Pendragon did not yet exist. The idea began in the dreams of Bob Pettee and Susan Neal who one day called Elliott Verner and said “We can't find the artistic freedom we need in New York City. We want to move to Saranac Lake. Do you know a place we could rent?".......

Learn more in the "More History" tab above, and stay tuned for more on Pendragon Theatre past and present throughout the day!  

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Next Local Business Prize Raffle!

Winner! Eclipse Parking Pass Lorraine Kelley! 


Up Next! $25 Gift Certificate to Village Merchantile.  All donors between now and 2:30pm are entered to win! 

WINNER!  Congratulations Fran Yardley!


We have our first local business prize! All donors in the next hour will be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift certificate for the Belvedere Restaurant! 

WINNER!  Congratulations Paul Ellis!!!!




Did you know????

That Pendragon won Broadway World Awards two years in a row?



That Pendragon’s Young Playwrights Festival (YPF) partners working professional artists with schools in the Adirondacks and North Country region and exposes middle and high school students to the profession of play writing?


Camp Pendragon provides students in grades 6-12 an introduction to the theatre-making and production process as well as direct and professional exposure to a professional director?

Pendragon has so many wonderful opportunities for kids!  Check out what Chenelle and Coral had to say:

Another Family Story....

"In 1995 we spent our honeymoon in SL, and decided to visit a little theater that we read about in a tourist guide. We knew immediately that Pendragon Theatre was special, and wanted to be a part of this community. 

In 1998 we returned and have lived here ever since. Recently, our daughter Olivia performed as the wind-up ballerina in The Velveteen Rabbit, the Camp Pendragon production of Frozen Jr. and worked as an intern for Circle Mirror Transformation. It is not possible to overstate how important Pendragon has been to her education and our family. I am dedicated to seeing it thrive."  Joe and Samantha Marocco

And Another One....

We go way back to the 1980s, when Lonnie first started to perform with Pendragon. At that time, we also both volunteered countless hours to the theatre,  from ushering, to working on sets, to the box office, to designing posters & programs, to chairing galas, to serving on the board for several years. I also started/designed the very first multi-page seasonal program for the theatre that included advertisements from local businesses. 

Our son Devon, who is 43, was in his first production at Pendragon at the age of 5 or 6 -- it was 1918. He just had a small walk-on part, but he made it memorable. He was also in Marvin's Room, Scapino (he actually started the play by being lowered out of the ceiling while playing the accordian), and Six Degrees of Separation (with Russell Hornsby-- as he was getting his acting career started!). Devon was the middle school winner of the 4th Young Playwrights Contest in 1995. 

Lonnie has performed in so so many productions we forget them all!  Our son Kyle also performed with the theatre. He was in the Fantastiks along side Lonnie. 

In 1994, we were honored to travel to NYC with Bob, Susan and a few others when Pendragon Theatre was the recipient of the Governor's Arts Award. 

Lonnie and Kathy Ford