United Way's Period Promise

Making accessing products easier for everybody

Period poverty is much more common in our community than you would think. Half of all people who menstruate in BC say that they have struggled to purchase product for themselves at some time in their life, and more than a quarter have gone through a period without having any products to support them. 

That means people are missing out on school, work, and opportunities to access essential services or stay involved in their communities.

United Way’s Period Promise campaign, presented by Pacific Blue Cross, is committed to changing that. 

Help out today by raising funds that we can use to purchase tampons, pads, cups, menstrual underwear, liners, and other essential menstrual supplies. Build a team with your colleagues, friends, family, or neighbours, and donate together, or run a collection campaign in your office using our toolkit!

It will all make a big difference around an under-discussed need in our community.





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