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  • Pet Boss Nation We are thrilled and thankful for so many independent retailers who signed up for the WhizBang! Retail Success Summit 2021 through our partner link. This year we decided to donate all our commission to Boss's fundraising page! And guess what?! WhizBang! Ret June 2021 $1,239.50
  • WhizBang! Retail Training Way to go, Candace and the Pet Boss Nation team! We are so excited to help Boss become a Future Leader Dog! June 2021 $1,239.50
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Pet Boss Nation Is Sponsoring Another Leader Dog Puppy!

Helping Petpreneurs

Join Pet Boss Nation in supporting our future Leader Dog, Boss!


Meet Boss! This is the second time we’ve committed to raising funds and donating a % of revenue to  support a puppy because we believe in the power of pets. We also have a desire to serve big and make an impact. We invite you to come on this journey with us. Your donation will have a ripple effect through someone’s life. We think that’s pretty powerful.

Early 2018, we discovered Leader Dogs for the Blind after hearing Jim Platzer speak from the stage at the Pet Industry Leadership Conference. His story of losing his sight and feeling scared and overwhelmed- to being partnered with his leader dog, Maddy, and gaining confidence and strength, moved us to our core. 

Pet Boss Nation has chosen this charity as our official cause, because Leader Dogs for the Blind has a passion and mission that naturally aligns with ours. We too, provide support, strength, inspiration and strategies to help people live a fulfilling and rewarding life by essentially being a “Leader Dog” for small business owners.

Pet Boss Nation helps pet professionals move from their passion for pets to being a profitable pet boss! As a business development group, we offer done-for-you templates, expert training sessions, small group accountability, private pet business coaching, live workshops, retreats and more. It's the revenue-generating tools, strategies and resources they need to see success faster than doing it alone. 

We have an expression in our community “Stronger Together". Our motto will carry us through to raising the $25,000 needed for the future Leader Dog we are sponsoring. It’s a huge goal for us financially. We’ll be crowdfunding, matching and donating a % of our revenue to make it happen by the end of 2022.

If you believe we’re all stronger together too,please consider making a donation today. Share this page with a friend, family member or co-worker who you think would also like to make a difference. As I learned from Jim Platzer, his ability to have a Leader Dog was a “game changer” in his life.

Let’s be game changers together!

Candace D’Agnolo
CEO + Founder, Pet Boss Nation

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