Phoenix Chorale Spring Campaign

#FundOurFuture and keep us strong! 

We at the Phoenix Chorale are so proud of our “A Season of Hope” staying connected through our free virtual programs, have allowed us to continue our mission of enriching lives across our community. We are honored to offer these opportunities to inspire the next generation of choral musicians and build a more vibrant community through song!

Fund Our Future, so we can perform for you again, live, on the concert stage. We want to honor our promise of touching hearts and enriching lives through choral distinction and artistry. Would you consider making a gift before June 30, 2021, so we remain financially strong? Please donate to the campaign by tapping the donate button.

You can support the Phoenix Chorale by posting a photo or video on your choice’s social media platform with our PhoChoSelfie form and the hashtag #PhoChoSelfie leading up to and on Wednesday, June 30. Take your selfie unaccompanied or get your choral crew together – just have fun, be creative, and show the world the impact of the Phoenix Chorale!

With your support, we’ll be ready to sing for you next season. Please make your gift today!

P.S. You can also be featured on the Phoenix Chorale social media page! Email your picture or video to info@phoenixchorale.org. This is a perfect way for people without social media accounts to join in on the fun!


Full Rankings

Rank Top Participants Team Name Amount Raised
1 Gregg Ewart $5,620.00
2 Lynne Traverse $2,625.00
3 Hannah Kimball $555.00
4 Holly Sheppard $530.00
5 David Topping $212.75
6 Cassandra Ewer $150.00
7 Aaron M. Villalobos $100.00
8 Carol Jennings $84.00
9 J.J. Rafferty $80.00
10 Thomas Peterson $50.00