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Pinwheel Playroom

Porter-Leath is passionate about providing literacy connections for children and their caregivers through our Books from Birth Program. Now, thanks to The Urban Child Institute and community laundromats, literacy resources are even more easily accessible for Shelby County families.

Pinwheel Playrooms are convenient nooks, which utilize everyday spaces where children can read, do homework and play while their caregivers complete domestic chores like laundry or visiting the health department. The Pinwheel playrooms offer safe and comfortable places where families can access quality educational resources and where parents and children can connect through literacy!

Read more about the Pinwheel Playrooms at the Shelby County Health Department on Jefferson, in South Memphis Alliance's Socal Suds Resource Center and at Suds Laundry on Waring Road in Berclair, or take a peek into a Pinwheel Playroom through the video below.

Video by: Forever Ready Productions, LLC

See a Pinwheel Playroom!