Polar Bear Dip 2024

Karoline Snyder

February 24, 2024 1:00am - 4:00pm

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Why I Jump

The reason I jump is two-fold. When I was an infant I went into respiratory distress and almost died. I was taken to River Hospital where Jeff Jackson, PA, and his team saved my life.
Growing up, I watched my mom participate for 5 years and was always interested in doing it when I got old enough. This will be my second year jumping. I now work for the hospital in the Post-Traumatic Stress Services suite as a therapist. I absolutely love my job and being able to work for the hospital serving first responders and members of our military. 

Dipping for a Great Cause!

The Polar Bear Dip has been raising money for River Hospital in Alexandria Bay, NY for over 30 years. By joining this event you are joining thousands of people who have made a difference for River Hospital over the years. This year, more than ever no matter how you dip what is important is that you help us continue the Dip tradition for River Hospital! 

My Supporters

  • Ann Flynn Last month $100.00
  • Judy Eves Last month $50.00
  • Eleanor Bick Last month $51.00
  • Ann Flynn Last month
  • Anonymous Chilly! Last month
  • Ann Flynn Last month $100.00
  • Eleanor Bick Last month $51.00
  • Rhada Decker February 2024 $51.00
  • Haley Aubertine February 2024 $51.00
  • Judy Eves Last month $50.00

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