Fundraising Tips and Tools

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of animals in our community! By fundraising for the Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals, you're helping give animals in need the food, shelter, medical treatment, and love they deserve. Every dollar you raise goes directly toward creating happier, healthier lives for animals in our shelters.

Fundraising comes easily when you do it from the heart. Be creative and make it personal. And remember, you're working hard for a wonderful cause — to help animals that can't help themselves.

Fundraising Toolkit

We’re here to support you on every step of your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals journey. Check out our brand new Virtual Fundraising Toolkit which includes photos, graphics, sample social media posts to share, and more!

Everyone has a story. And for animal lovers, that story likely includes a pet (or two!) that has made a positive and profound impact in your life. By fundraising for the Heart & Sole Walk for Animals, you’re helping give animals in need food, shelter, medical treatment, and most importantly, the love and care they deserve. Every dollar you raise goes directly toward creating happier, healthier lives for animals. Fundraising comes easily when you do it from the heart. Be creative and make it personal. And remember, you’re working hard for a wonderful cause — to help animals in need. Let that be your guide as you fundraise for the 2020 Heart & Sole Virtual Walk for Animals. Use the tips provided to be inspired and start your fundraising off on the right foot. We are here to help you every step of the way. Thank you for supporting Potter League for Animals and happy fundraising!

Take a look at the tips provided in this toolkit below to get started today or view & print the 2020 Fundraising Toolkit PDF here.

Digital Fundraising Toolkit

Social Media Hashtag

Share your photos and videos with us, and be sure to tag Potter League in your Twitter (@potterleague), Instagram (@potterleague), and Facebook posts. Use #heartandsole2020, and your posts will be featured on the Heart & Sole Photo Wall website.

Facebook Frame

Add the Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals Facebook frame to your profile pic now to let everyone know you're walking to save animals!

Facebook Cover Photo


Impact image for general post


Impact image for Facebook/Instagram stories


Why support HAS Walk image for general social post


Sample text for social posts

Use the posts below as inspiration for fundraising. Fill in the blanks provided or edit them to fit your fundraising style.

Post 1: Have you heard? I’m #stillwalking… WALKING FROM HOME! I can’t wait to participate in Potter League for Animals’s first ever Virtual Walk for Animals, because even in times of crisis, animals still need our help. Donate to my page to help support a cause that is near and dear to my heart today. [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 2: Staying at home is better with [insert pet’s name]. Every year, thousands of animals find the shelter, medical attention, and care they need at Potter League for Animals until they’re adopted by loving families. Each one has the potential to be someone’s best friend, just like [insert pet’s name], which is why I’m supporting the Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals for Animals. For every donation, I’ll send you a picture of [insert pet’s name] so he/she can brighten your day as well. Donate today to help animals! [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 3: Animals have played a huge role in my life and supporting animals in need has always made me feel like a hero. Right now, so many people in the world are struggling, but we all still have opportunities every day to make a difference. Will you please help me by supporting my Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser? You can be their hero — and mine. [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 4: We could all use a little fun in our lives right now, so let’s play a game. I’m supporting a cause I care about - Potter League for Animals - through the Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals. For every $10 donation I receive this week, I’ll tell you what animal I think you’re most like and why! Donate now to help the animals and have a little fun! [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 5: Help me help homeless animals. I’ll be walking from home to benefit the @potterleague #HeartandSole2020.Your donation is lifesaving for my furry friends. [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.]

Post 6: I’m joining Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals @potterleague! Help homeless animals have a warm bed and loving care this winter and donate to my fundraising page. [Insert a link to your Heart & Sole Virtual Walk/Run for Animals fundraiser.] #HeartandSole2020

Fundraising Checklist

Set up Your Page

When you register for the Heart & Sole Virtual Walk you will have access to your own fundraising page. Start by adding a photo that you like and share why you are participating in the Walk. From your fundraising page you can set your fundraising goal, share your story, create a Facebook fundraiser, and so much more!

Donate to Yourself

It might seem strange to donate to your own fundraising page but making a self-donation shows your dedication to the cause. Even a small contribution makes a difference!

Make it a Team Effort

If you don’t want to do it alone, create a team and fundraise together! Then start inviting your team members from the site. We’ve found that email invites are one of the more effective and personal ways to recruit new team members. However, you can always copy the message and send it through text or social media.

Ask for Donations

Ask for support in person or by phone! Decide who you will be asking to donate. To get started, make a list of people to ask for support, such as: Family, Friends, Neighbors , Co-workers, or Members of groups you’re a part of.

Send Emails 

Whether using the email tools in your Fundraising Dashboard or your personal email account, sending emails to your friends, family, and coworkers is a great way to get your message out. Share your story and include the link to your personal fundraising page if you’re fundraising online. Don’t be afraid to follow up if people don’t respond! Send an email to all of your contacts, you may be surprised by who wants to support you! A mass email definitely works, but individual emails will really stand out.

Share Where the Money Goes

Tell your friends and family what their donations can provide and they’ll be more likely to help.

  • $25 will provide one day of food & shelter for one animal
  • $50 will provide five Rabies vaccines
  • $100 will provide seven microchips
  • $250 will provide one spay/neuter surgery
  • $500 will provide dental care for one animal.
  • $1,000 or more will provide lifesaving medical care for the most distressed animals

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Want to collect donations directly through Facebook? This year you can set up a Facebook fundraiser that feeds directly to your Heart & Sole Walk fundraising page! Check out the instructions and FAQs for setting up your Facebook Fundraising page.

Get More Social!

Share your participation on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Tell your followers why you are participating, make it personal, and link it back to your fundraising page to make it easy for them to support you. Use the hashtag #HeartandSoleWalk2020 and tag @potterleague to be reposted from Potter League for Animals.

Download and share the tools that Potter League has created to share your participation on social media, including walk signs, event flyer, digital brochure, Facebook banner, Facebook frame. Posting regular updates about your progress for your friends and family will ultimately encourage even more donations.

Ask a Few More Times

The second or third time is the charm! Life gets in the way sometimes and a friendly reminder can be key. Make sure to provide updates on your fundraising goal so that people can see how close you are. (Don’t forget there are prizes on the line.) Your family and friends want to support you - so don’t give up!

Write Letters

A personal letter always goes a long way; share your message about why you are walking!

Say Thank You

However you secure a donation, do not forget to thank the donor. You can do so in a simple email, handwritten card, or phone conversation. You can also publicly thank them by celebrating their donation by tagging them in a post about your current fundraising successes. Remember, caring for over thousands of animals this year would not be possible without generous donors, and of course - YOU!

More Ideas to Put the Fun in Fundraising!

Start a team. Ask your animal-loving friends, family, and coworkers to join you in supporting Potter League for Animals & the Heart & Sole Walk.

Donate your birthday or anniversary. Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or just want to honor a special pet in your life? Ask your family and friends to donate in lieu of purchasing a gift! (Set it up through the Potter League for Animals page on Facebook to make it easy.)

Ask about employer matching gifts. Many companies match their employees’ donations. Ask donors if their company will match their gift, raising twice the amount for animals in need. If your or their company has this program available, simply request a matching gift form from the employer and email it to the attention of Susan Ryan at We’ll take care of the rest!

Spare change jar. Ask your place of employment to put out a change jar for people to drop in their spare change as they pass by.

Host a Virtual Fundraising Night. Gather your friends and family for a virtual event and ask them to support your cause. Host a virtual wine tasting night, virtual cooking class, or set up a night with a restaurant to support you with a portion of the proceeds.

Pet Your Personal Talents/Skills to Use. Set a donation increment and when someone donates at or above that level (e.g. $500); you’ll provide an in-kind service. A few examples: If you’re a great photographer, offer to take pictures of their pet or family. Offer to walk their dog for a week or clean up their backyard so they don’t have to pay for a pet cleanup service.

Advertise. Put up our posters in break rooms, local businesses, halls, etc. (Pick up posters or print them from our website.)

Collect extra change. Ask your colleagues if they can spare some change by placing a change jar near a vending machine, lunch room, or front desk.

Prize drawing. Request a $10 donation from your coworkers in exchange for being entered into a drawing for gift certificates, prime parking spaces, or tickets to shows or sporting events.

Host a jeans/casual day. An extra “jeans day” is certainly worth a couple of bucks! Offer employees the opportunity for an extra casual day in exchange for a donation.

Food/beverage sale. Set up a table at work and sell cookies, donuts, popcorn, muffins, pizza, ice cream, or smoothies. Whip up a delicious treat for your colleagues and clients!

Lunch-in. Encourage employees to bring lunch for a week (or see if your company will supply food) and donate the savings to your Heart & Sole Walk for Animals fund.

Candy grams. It’s a sweet idea for a sweet cause. Sell candy grams to coworkers as a way for them to show their appreciation for one another.

Used DVD/Book sale. Pull your old DVDs and books off the shelf and put them to good use! Ask your friends, family and neighbors to donate books they no longer want and set up a weekend book sale in your front yard, or get co-workers involved and host it at work!

Create friendly competition. Motivate your crew! Offer a prize to your team’s top fundraisers to inspire each walker to contribute even more to your team total.

Dine to Be Kind. Ask your favorite restaurants or food trucks if they can feature a promotion or feature certain menu items that are the “Pick of the Litter” or host a “Pint for Paws”, “Pasta for Paws”, or a “Yappy Hour” promoting a specialty beer (or food item) with a % of sales to the animals.

Take the 10 Days, 10 Ways Challenge

Day 1: Show your commitment! Start by making your own donation of $25, $50, or more. Set up your personal fundraising page and unlock fundraising tools that will help you get the word out.

Day 2: Ask two family members for $25 each.

Day 3: Ask a business you frequent to donate $25.

Day 4: Ask five coworkers to sponsor you for $20 each.

Day 5: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100.

Day 6: Ask five people you know from your extracurricular activities, such as sports, book club, or your child’s activities, to donate $10 each.

Day 7: Ask five friends to donate $20 each.

Day 8: Turn it around! Ask someone who has asked you to support their cause to support you with $25.

Day 9: Ask your company if they offer matching gifts.

Day 10: Activate your social media networks! Once you get the word out, you’ll be surprised at the individuals who will support you — a high school friend, a college roommate, a former coworker. Give everyone you know a chance to say “yes!”


Contact us at and let us know your ideas.