What is the Prayer Journey?


“Pray all the time and never give up.” (Luke 18:1)

We believe in prayer. We've witnessed it transform whole communities. On June 15, we will walk, run, and cycle through the neighbourhoods we believe God has called us to visit — praying as we go.

You might say in some ways we are taking the road less traveled. The neighbourhoods we will visit are often seen as unimportant and forgotten by those around them — including the Church. Many who live there are from regions of the world where the gospel is rarely preached. And they typically have fewer resources and support. It’s these people we are especially passionate about reaching.

Behind the Prayer Journey is a prayer movement called MoveIn. Based on the vision of John 1:14 (“Jesus left heaven and moved in among us” MSG) we mobilize regular Christians with regular jobs to move in to these neighbourhoods where they pray together weekly. They invite God to show them how He is at work and how to join Him. 

We will pray for the neighbours we see on the journey and those we don’t see; the businesses and shop owners, the schools, the community centres and service providers, and whatever else the Spirit leads us to pray for. There is much to learn and discover when we visit these bustling communities.


Another reason we journey and pray is because we want to see regular Christians become that neighbour down the hall. We hope that through our prayers, God will draw many to move into the neighbourhood.