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Movein Europe e.V. | IBAN: DE91 6001 0070 0965 5687 04 | BIC: PBNKDEFF | MoveIn COVID-19 Relief Fund


Thank you for considering giving to this high-impact project that will impact lives the midst of the pandemic. In partnership with several organizations, MoveIn will be directing funds to a variety of high-impact projects and partners.

Organizations supporting the “bottom billion” globally are suffering from the impact of the virus. Their usual activities are taking a financial hit, and those they serve have increased need for food and basic necessities. We are excited to be able to distribute the majority of the funds raised to these partners: 

  • HOME in Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Serving vulnerable children living in slums through an outreach centre.
  • Africa Arise in Lamwo/Palabek, Uganda
    • Serving South Sudanese refugees in a refugee settlement through trauma care and practical support. 
  • Tender Heart Foundation in Goa, India
    • Serving families hard-hit by the pandemic through distributing food and hygiene items.
  • Msinga in India and Nepal
    • Serving those living in poverty and fear and victims of human trafficking through food distribution and care.
  • Eurorelief in Lesvos, Greece
    • Serving refugees fleeing from the Middle East through offering housing and distributing basic hygiene and accomodation items.
  • Companion With the Poor in Manila, the Philippines
    • Serving slum communities throughout Metro Manila through church planting. 
  • Badjao Outreach in Davao, the Philippines
    • Serving Badjao children through education and nutrition.
  • Starfish Asia in Pakistan
    • Serving families living in poverty through distributing emergency support.
  • On Mission (OM) in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India)
    • Serving the most vulnerable through food distribution & education about safety through the pandemic.

MoveIners are well-positioned to support families who are uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. A small percentage of the funds raised will be distributed to support neighbours and strengthen existing relationships:

  • MoveIners in Canada; serving neighbours who are hardest hit through meeting specific needs.
  • MoveIners in Latin America; serving struggling neighbours through providing several months of groceries.
  • MoveIners in Lushnje, Albania; serving their Roma community through meeting practical needs.