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The Rager Challenge: How Much Would You Give To Protect Our Constitution?

When news broke that some very brave fraternity brothers from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill stood their ground against anti-American rioters in order to protect the American flag, our hearts were uplifted.  Despite all the mud slung at this generation of young Americans, this was proof positive that there is still hope for the future of this great nation.  They should absolutely be applauded for their bravery and defense of our flag.  And yes, they deserve a party!

At the time of this writing, their GoFundMe fundraiser to throw these young men a "rager" has now raised over $441,000.  WOW.  That's going to be one heck of a party, and we will celebrate with them (if not in person, at least from afar).  

But it got us to thinking - if defending the U.S. flag is worth over $440,000, how much would people be willing to donate to our cause of defending the U.S. Constitution?  Here at We The Patriots USA, our core mission is to protect and defend our precious Constitutional rights by fighting back in court.  We have a host of active and pending lawsuits all across the country in defense of religious liberty, health freedom, Second Amendment rights, free speech, and more.  And we have many more plaintiffs waiting in the wings, too.  We could do so much more, if only we had more.  So that's why we're calling upon you now.

Will you take on our "Rager Challenge"?  Every penny raised will go directly to fueling our organization's mission of protecting and defending our Constitutional rights, in and out of court.  We have set a goal of $500,000 because we believe that defending the U.S. Constitution is worth at least as much as defending the U.S. flag (and we fully expect that fundraiser to reach $500,000 or more).  If you agree, please make a donation today.  Let's see where this goes!


We The Patriots USA, Inc. is a nonprofit public interest law firm organized pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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