Rainier Scholars 2021 Virtual Luncheon

Join us to Celebrate our Scholars | Thursday, April 29, 2021 from 12 - 1pm PT

At Rainier Scholars we work to ensure access to a high-quality education, changing the life trajectory of hundreds of students of color and their families -- creating a ripple of impact felt by this community and future generations. 

Our scholars work hard and make great sacrifices on their 12-year journey to college graduation. Together we are deeply committed to helping them achieve success.

Join us this year for an accessible online celebration to honor and recognize our students and their stories. 

Registration is free for all. Support educational equity by making a gift before or during the Luncheon.

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"Individually, we each choose where to invest our resources. But we are strongest, in moments like these, when we come together."

-- Reggie Brown, Rainier Scholars Board of Trustees

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Become a Virtual Table Captain. Lead the way as an advocate for educational equity.

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Colleges & Universities with 2021 Rainier Scholar Graduates

Art Center College of Design
Carleton College
Columbia University
Denison University
Evergreen State College
New York University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Pitzer College
Santa Clara University
Scripps College
Seattle University
Smith College
St. Olaf College
University of Rochester
University of Washington
University of Washington-Bothell
University of Washington-Tacoma
Washington State University
Western Washington University

About Rainier Scholars

Rainier Scholars cultivates the academic potential and leadership skills of hardworking, underrepresented students of color. By creating access to transformative educational and career opportunities and providing comprehensive support to scholars and families, we increase college graduation rates and empower new generations of leaders.

Our vision is a legacy of successful and inspiring leaders who make a positive impact in our community and our world through:

  • A greater number of diverse students successfully graduating from top-tier colleges

  • An increased diverse pool of qualified candidates for high-level leadership roles

  • A growing number of families of color who are advocates for a quality education

How Do We Build A More Equitable Society?

Our Investment In The Next Generation Of Leaders