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On having love and a home

Growing up with a congenital heart defect, my dominant memory is not of open heart surgery or being unable to play many sports with friends. My memory centers on the critical imporance of home, of love, of having a secure place for healing and for life. To me, the thought of living without a home, without a secure place, seems ... well, tragic. 

When a friend approached me in 2015 about St. John Center, it instantly called to me. To support their work in helping men find hope and move home. It called me with the profound sense of love I felt from the team, from the volunteers, from everyone involved in this special place. 

As this year's Board Chair, the tremendous dedication from every member of the staff to our mission has potently reinforced that feeling of love. Amidst the confusion and uncertainty of COVID, the staff has put forth heroic efforts to continue to love and support the men we serve. Fulfilling their own jobs, and very often, filling the roles of our terrific volunteers, who because of COVID, could not be with us much of the year. From the Outreach teams meeting with people on the streets, to our Jobs Coordinator working with employers to get the men a chance, from the Day Shelter staff to the team working to move the men into permanent housing, the staff shows up day in and day out, offering the men love and kindness and services to move forward in life. 

So I am proudly dedicating my Virtual House Party to the team of St. John Center. They inspire and uplift me every day, as they elevate and support and champion the men. I hope you will join me in recognizing and supporting their vital work on behalf of some of our most vulnerable neighbors. 



The amazing and dedicated team at St. John Center for Homeless Men

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