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Outreach, Housing, and Shelter for homeless men (and women!)

Please give to St John Center

About a year ago, I started working at St John Center as the Director of Finance and Personnel Management. Our clients have complicated and heartbreaking stories. They desperately need our services:

Outreach: imagine that you live on the streets of Louisville and don't have the mental capability to take care of yourself. Unlike most of us, our clients can not comprehend how to protect themselves. Our Outreach team meets homeless individuals (men & women) in their environment to invite them to use our services. 

Image result for house emojiPermanent Supportive Housing: imagine that you want to live in an apartment but have no idea how to take action. Our housing team helps homeless indiviudals get into housing and stay.  They partner with our clients and check-in on them for as long as needed.

Shelter: imagine that your spend the majority of your day figuring out where your next meal will come from, where you will sleep, and/or how you can avoid getting beat up. That's the reality of our client's daily routine. Our shelter allows clients to come in and stay of our harms way. They can also: take a shower, get a cup of coffee, look for a job, look for rapid housing, and get an ID. 

Image result for desk emojiBack line administation: imagine how grateful you would be if you were homeless and someone reached out to help.  It takes a team to serve this community.







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