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If you own a company that would like to support our dogs by donating an item, gift card or gift basket to auction off, we are happy to list your company as a sponsor and you can use it as a tax write off! Please contact Shelly at 1 (480) 567-4328

Rottoberfest 2023


What is Rottoberfest?

Glad you asked. It's a big day for the rotten rotties! Rottoberfest is a festival to celebrate the lives of over 1500 rottweilers that we have rescued since we became a corporation in October of 2012 ! We invite all of the rotties that we have adopted in the past, their families, all of our sponsors and supporters, our foster families and volunteers to join us on this day, for a pack walk, food, drinks, cocktails, and witches brew.

This is also Rotten Rottie Rescue’s biggest fundraising event of the year! Check out the online auction items and get ready to bid! There’s also a live auction at the event. Your purchase of a ticket to attend automatically gets you a virtual bidding paddle. Can’t make it in person but still want to bid – select the Virtual Bidder Only from the registration page.

We got a lot a cool prizes donated from some big companies! This is Rotten Rotties way of saying thank you to all of the people who have helped us save this great breed. We couldn't do it alone, that is for certain, it does take a village!!!!!

Don't forget to the costume contest! Get creative and you and your rottie may be this years winner.

We’ve packed a lot in the evening, but the fun is just getting started. Stick around to enjoy the music, drinks and mingle with Shelly and get to know some fellow rotten rottie lovers.  And don’t miss out on the desserts table located inside!

Please remember that not every rottie attending will be friendly with every dog they meet, so please do not let your rottie go nose to nose with another rottie and it is best to keep your rottie out of another rotties personal space. It's best to bring your rottie on a 4 foot leash and a prong collar if there is any doubt that you may not be able to maintain control over your dog at all times. I am sure I don't have to remind you of the strength of your dog. If you know your rottweiler is aggressive with other dogs, then this event is not the place to start socializing them. We do offer Thursday night pack walks at 8:30 pm for that purpose. Keep your dog on leash at all times.

If everybody follows the rules, it will be a great time for everyone who attends. We have had very few problems at prior Rottoberfest. 2022 as our best year ever.






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