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Riding With Purpose!

I was invited to ride with Team Samaritan House multiple times in the past and this year I am finally taking up the offer.  I have been training with the group now for the last couple of months.  This band of riders is made up of exceptional individuals and they continue to do remarkable things in their volunteer work and fund raising.  Recently I toured the Samaritan House and learned about the amazing services offered to children, men and women facing homelessness.  It’s an incredible operation overseen by extraordinary leaders, staff and numerous volunteers.  I especially was impressed with the overall organization, vision and the recurring theme I heard; income, savings and housing.  This theme was part of a well-structured strategy to get individuals and families back on their feet and self-sufficient. 

All of this is impossible without the tireless efforts of many folks and of course funding.  Please consider supporting me and therefore the Samaritan House while I Ride the Rockies this summer.  If you have any questions or comments about the Samaritan House or for me please contact me at (303) 204-8947 or cfsellers@gmail.com.

Thanks, Craig





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  • Pie Consulting & Engineering June 2015 $500.00
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