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In 1984 my wife Cindy & I rode our bicycles across America. We were young and just starting out with very little money but we were living the dream.  We were "homeless" by choice at the time but we experienced the brutal reality of harsh weather and riding and camping in sleet and cold.  We always had the option to seek shelter in a hotel or quit entirely if we wanted to.  I know that less fortunate people have no options to come in out of the cold.  The outdoors can be brutal especially if you don't have the right clothing or gear. By cycling in adverse conditions we get a small taste of the daily struggle of the homeless person.  I feel compassionate for those less fortunate than myself in terms of possessions and want to share what I have.  I hope you will support me in this endeavor.

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  • Temperature Processing Co., Inc June 2015 $250.00
  • Diane Chicoine June 2015 $300.00
  • Colleen Kinlund June 2015 $25.00
  • Tom Shonka June 2015
  • James Posever June 2015 $100.00
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  • Diane Chicoine June 2015 $300.00
  • Temperature Processing Co., Inc June 2015 $250.00
  • James Posever June 2015 $100.00
  • Rick Younce April 2015 $100.00
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