Today I Will Ride...

It won't be easy, but with God as my tailwind I can do anything.

Why is she even attempting this?

After volunteering nearly every year since 1999 for Ride The Rockies, I really wanted to participate in the ride as a cyclist last year to celebrate the big 5-0.  When I saw the route, especially Day 1, I decided one more year of volunteering would be ok.  And it was.  It just wasn't quite as fun as it had been in the past.  I knew I had to get back on the bike.

That meant that this year was my year.  Older.  Less in shape.  Sick with laryngitis and asthma.  But no stopping me.  Plus, I knew I wanted to ride for a cause.  After many years of harrassing the guys on the Samaritan House Team they are stuck with me.  But it's not about them, and it's not about me either.  It's all about others - those who are homeless.

I look at this whole event as a journey.  The training - definitely a journey - physical and hard.  The emotions - so up and down (right now wondering if I can even do this) - ready for what God has in store for me, but yes, scared - as I face the biggest physical challenge I've ever tested myself with.  The fundraising - so important for so many - hoping others will see how much their help is needed. 

In the days and weeks leading up to Ride The Rockies 2015, I may feel compelled to start a blog, to share my thoughts and help me walk myself through this.

Meanwhile, if you can, please support The Samaritan House by making a donation.  That's the most important thing.  And say a prayer, or two - for your prayers are needed for me, for others.

Hugs and love to all of you!  BB





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My Supporters

  • Jock Mutschler June 2015 $500.00
  • Michael Marquardt June 2015 $250.00
  • Robert Sickles June 2015 $25.00
  • Mary T Foley June 2015 $100.00
  • Jerald and Sharen Lane June 2015
  • Michael Hilger Hope this helps. I'll be with you in spirit, but not in pain. May 2015 $1,000.00
  • Jock Mutschler June 2015 $500.00
  • Michael Marquardt June 2015 $250.00
  • Robert Stoffel Good luck! I would do only the downhill portions. March 2015 $200.00
  • Mary T Foley June 2015 $100.00