Our Grace Christian School Team Fundraising Page - Mrs. Nancy Safreed's 2nd Grade Class


Hello, my name is Nancy Safreed.  I am a teacher here at Grace Christian School, and I am asking all of my friends and family to join me and my class this year during our annual Sports A Thon fundraiser!

As many of you know, I love teaching and as a 2nd Grade homeroom teacher I am excited to be a team leader for this year's fundraiser.  The GCS Sports A Thon Fundraising Challenge is the one fundraising event all of our students participate in and its tons of fun!!  This year, the funds raised will go towards to mission of Grace Christian School and the future construction of the Robert R. Gustafson Center.  The Gustafson Center will be home to 12 classrooms, two lecture auditoriums, a new gymnasium, locker rooms, concessions, and administrative offices.  

Here are my team's goals:

  • Each student has a $ 425 goal!  Each student who is able to accomplish this goal will be rewarded with a free trip to Busch Gardens. 
  • My Class has a $10,800 goal!  If we are able to accomplish our goal, my whole class will all be rewarded with a Special Field Trip or a Day Off from school.
  • The Class that raises the most money will have a special plaque honoring them in the new Robert R. Gustafson Center.

Please help me and my class reach our goals and thank you for your support!

Classroom Challenge





of your goal reached









Our Supporters

  • Dry Wizard We love you Jase November 2023 $1,000.00
  • Kelly Dale November 2023 $15.74
  • María S Velez November 2023 $25.00
  • Lindsey Baxter We love you!! November 2023 $20.99
  • Jose A Rivera November 2023 $26.24
  • Dry Wizard We love you Jase November 2023 $1,000.00
  • Anonymous October 2023 $228.00
  • Nancy Safreed October 2023 $209.90
  • Bobby McKinnon Get to first place go go go October 2023 $209.90
  • Tom Pici & Son Builders, Inc October 2023 $200.00