Seek the Peak 2024

Kally Abrams

January 1, 2024 12:00am - August 31, 2024 12:00am

AdventurewithKal as I Seek the Peak $6,288

Last year, was my eighth time summiting Mount Washington but with a higher purpose. It was the first time I raised funds for the Mount Washington Observatory that we all love. The Minus33 team I’d joined only a few days prior to the event & my attempt to seek donations was somewhat rushed unlike the due diligence of preparing for such a hike. I packed my gear with all of the essentials, tasty trail snacks & a dream, heading up Tuckerman Ravine. This year, I’m planning & preparing much further ahead. In fact, I'll be hiking as a steward of this event with a respectable fundraising goal that I hope resonates $6,288 !! I hope you’ll join me on this adventure in supporting the legendary non-profit Mount Washington Observatory by making a minimum generous tax deductible donation in the amount of $62.88 each. Hopefully, you'll hear my cheer not only on top of the summit but from the even higher elevation point of the observation tower!! Together, we can reach my goal of $6,288

Ode to Mr. 6,288

Words I love to write, almost as much as this gal loves to hike, I crafted my “Ode to 6,288” that I hope you enjoy; here it goes:

Highest recorded wind gusts of 231 MPH & coldest wind chill a mere minus 109 degrees.

A pile of rocks, harshness you emit, not fable, urban legend or folk lore.

Visitors arrive galore via foot paths, your twisted roadway or even rail.

No matter the vessel it’s a challenging assent upwards as we scramble, ride or climb.

Met with bluebird skies or snowflakes, sideways rain or “just” gusty winds, rime ice is beautiful but make haste & heed warnings.

In awe of your epic views clear days display, layers of mountainous terrain whilst others remain socked in, sleet & treacherous weather that completely ruin a day.

Higher-summit forecast, a reality sets in, perhaps we should turn back, not go further for danger is ahead & trail-gate instead.

This destination, an epic journey, peeps in line wanting pictures at the top.

Oodles of memories, they’ll last for my lifeline for I’ve known your glory Mr. 6,288.

I’ve shook your hand, stood at that sign, proclaiming I have arrived, a guest for only a short period of time.

Ammonoosuc a fun jaunt, Lions Head the steepest way up, Jewel’s a gem, the epic Presidential Traverse & even the auto road for which I “ran” once upon a time!

Sweeping across the White Mountain National Forest I proclaim this gal is in fact joining “Seek the Peak” yet again this year.

Tuckerman Ravine for charity the winds howl my name.

Irresistible, rugged & strong. Yet your alpine zone remains fragile to even that one footstep that didn’t belong.

Shhh … I’ve got a secret.  Nimbus, the kitty of the MWOBS is the real reason I’m returning.

Purrhaps he’ll allow a scratch behind his ear?

No doubt, if I were to lay down my snuggly Minus33 gear Nimbus would climb onto it & making of biscuits would quickly commence, his eyes slowly closing as a kitty nap would commence.

If you won’t press the donate button for me purrhaps you’ll choose to donate for the kitty named after a cloud formation.

Caturday, July 20th I make my ascent to where Nimbus calls home, on the mountain of the world’s worst weather elements!

See you at 6,288!

Kally :~)

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today in the amount of $62.88

P.S. Did you know that most employers match donations to a non-profit and this qualifies so don't forget to turn in those forms so we can receive those matching doantions!!

The nonprofit Mount Washington Observatory has been observing and reporting on Mount Washington’s infamous conditions for 90+ years from their mountaintop weather station, maintaining one of North America's longest continuous climate records. The data they collect is utilized in forecasting models, weather reports, landmark climate research and educational outreach. The free daily forecasts that the Observatory provides are an essential resource for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors in New Hampshire's White Mountains and beyond.

To learn more about Mount Washington Observatory, please visit

For more on Seek the Peak, the nation's premier hiking event, visit


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  • Kally Abrams 3 weeks ago $62.88
  • Kally Abrams 3 weeks ago $62.88