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100% of the funds raised will support fertility preservation services for adolescent and young adult cancer patients at the UNC medical centers.





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Why Fertility Preservation? HOPE for a future, despite a cancer diagnosis

When adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients who have completed treatment are asked their biggest concerns, the most common is: "Will I be able to have children?" It’s not the risk for cancer recurrence or disability and disfigurement - the desire to build a family is their highest priority.  In addition to the toxicity of cancer treatments themselves, chronic health conditions can occur in the aftermath of any cancer treatment protocol, and infertility is among the most common long-term complication.

So, it’s unfortunate that in the confusion and deluge of information during a new cancer diagnosis, including staging, testing, treatment and prognosis, the topic of fertility preservation can be set aside or forgotten.   

AYA cancer patients report a lack of adequate information to make informed fertility decisions. 

Meeting the unique fertility goals of every patient requires appropriate fertility counseling, as well as logistical and financial access to fertility care.

It’s the mission of I’m Not Done Yet to provide the resources for AYA cancer patients to preserve their fertility.  Your support of the Shave & Buzz will help ensure that these young patients have the HOPE that despite having cancer, they can one day have a family of their own.


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About Shave & Buzz

The annual Shave & Buzz fundraising events have involved many in the Duke and greater Durham communities.  Originally begun as "Shave for Schreiber/Buzz for Bobby" in 2016 by members of PIKE to support their fraternity brothers, Mark Schreiber and Bobby Menges who were simultaneously undergoing cancer treatment,  the tradition continues to grow.  

New this year is the collaboration between the Duke "Shave & Buzz Club" and PIKE at the University of North Carolina. This "cooperative and friendly competition" will spark greater awareness of and funds for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients and survivors.  100% of the funds raised at the Shave & Buzz events at Duke and UNC will support fertility preservation services for AYA cancer patients at both the Duke and UNC cancer centers.

"I remember talking to Bobby about his dreams for the future of this event. He spoke about how he hoped that the legacy of this fundraiser would carry on past his graduation from Duke, until people didn’t have any idea who he or Schreiber were. Unfortunately, we lost our good friend Bobby this past fall to his battle with cancer. However, his legacy and the lives he touched will be sure to live on in strength."  -Michael, 2018


About I'm Not Done Yet

I’m Not Done Yet was founded in memory of Duke student, Bobby Menges, who died in 2017 after a lifelong battle with cancer.  

Approximately 90,000 young people ages 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer each year, and this adolescent and young adult (AYA) demographic has been historically underserved.  Bobby observed and lived this during his third and final cancer diagnosis, and worked to address these voids during the remaining months of his life.

Bobby was never done, no matter how sick he was.  The mission of I’m Not Done Yet is to continue his legacy by funding AYA cancer research, fertility services, peer-to-peer support and connection, adventure experiences, appropriate treatment spaces, and by participating in AYA cancer advocacy and education.

We are grateful for your support - we couldn't do it without you!

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