Celebrate your loved one by hosting a fundraiser in their honor to Shine A Light on teen depression.

Special Occasions

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bat mitzvahs or other celebrations are even more special when you Shine A Light.

Fundraise Your Way

Create your own fundraiser for a bake sale, bowling night, garage sale or other opportunities to Shine A Light.

Shine A Light: Get Depression Out of the Dark

Erika's Lighthouse is determined to make sure no young person feels alone in their depression. We are dedicated to creating a community of empathy and education. We create middle school and high school teen depression awareness programs so educators and teens can create safe spaces to learn about depression, letting students know they are never alone, and there is somewhere to turn.

You play an important part of that mission - by raising awareness and funds to support our programs. Without you there would be no Erika's Lighthouse.

Shine A Light is an opportunity for you to create something personal and memorable to raise awareness and support education surrounding teen depression and suicide prevention. You have the power to help us address the very real, very serious challenges affecting teens today. Join us.

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Memorials in honor of loved ones lost can be made on our Light A Beacon site.

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