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Kidsave Sierra Leone

With the confusion and danger of the Ebola outbreak starting to settle down in Sierra Leone, Kidsave and VCI (Village Care Initiatives - our partner in SL) continues to provide support to our participating Kidsave families while ramping up efforts to help newly orphaned children transition out of interim care centers and orphanages and move into families.

Since the outbreak, our program has placed more than 100 orphaned children into permanent family care. But, estimates say over 10,000 are still without permanent families.

Due to our outreach efforts, Sierra Leonean families who are interested in helping these orphans are hearing about and joining the Kidsave program and are stepping forward to welcome a new child into their family. Learn More

We desperately need funds to find and match children to these families. To train them in how to take in an Ebola orphan. To continue to get the word out and do whatever it takes to place these wonderful children in families.

A $300 microloan gives families the means to earn more income which gives them a way to take more children into their homes, or as we have seen, to create new families.

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