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I Qualified

Step one complete. I've advanced to the finals at Busch Stadium next month!

What I've learned from the qualifiers is that I need to raise more money, as the more money raised the more time you get to hit. There were quite a few people that had twice as much time as I did. (My poor brother had 30 extra seconds and I still beat him, lol)

And I need to get in better shape! I hit for 150 seconds and at one point I believe I blacked out.

So, I'm going to do my part and work on cardio and some strength for the next month, I can use a lot of help from all my FB friends, just $10, all I'm asking for. It goes to help a great cause (Pujols's Family Foundation) and it allows yours truly to boost my ego a bit more than it already is





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My Supporters

  • Jennifer Zenzen November 2019 $20.00
  • Julie Kaye Good luck!!! November 2019 $50.00
  • Kelly Gross November 2019 $10.00
  • Marcus Allen Good luck and don’t pull a muscle. November 2019
  • David Miller You better win November 2019 $10.00
  • Datto Best of luck Joe!! From your friends here at Datto chicago! Alex and Kervin November 2019 $100.00
  • Julie Kaye Good luck!!! November 2019 $50.00
  • Verizon September 2019 $50.00
  • Nikki Kaufmann Way to go Joe! Darren and Nikki September 2019 $50.00
  • Carolyn Keeve Hit some home runs! Aunt Carolyn September 2019 $50.00

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