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Kaitlyn Trower -

I am participating in the St Louis Home Run Derby benefitting the Pujols Family Foundation and Cardinals Care. Through your donation you will be supporting a most wonderful foundation which gives me fantastic opporunities like being on the All Star baseball team, going to the best Prom ever, cooking classes, sign language classes, music classes and a personal best for me to learn to be a shoe designer and have my shoe made and auctioned.  Your donation helps me be part of all these things and more at no cost to me.   With each dollar donated I get more time in the batters box and a chance to go to Busch Stadium to compete in the finals.  I am so excited.  I hope you are too and help me get to Busch Stadium for the finals.





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My Supporters

  • Dianne Trower September 2019
  • Anonymous September 2019
  • Annamarie Porter September 2019
  • Kaitlyn Trower September 2019 $50.00
  • Kaitlyn Trower September 2019 $50.00

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