Questions about how to participate? We've got answers.

Whether you're a first-time volunteer or a long-time group leader, you may have questions about how the Source to Sea Cleanup works.

General questions

When is the event?

Typical Cleanup days are Fri or Sat, 9/22 or 9/23, but every group leader has the option to set their own date.

Do I have to fundraise to participate?

Definitely not! But you're welcome to do so if you like. Any money raised by this event will go towards the Connecticut River Conservancy's work for clean, healthy rivers full of life! Group leaders have the option to set a fundraising goal for their group, and anyone can make a gift at anytime. You may donate during registration, or you may Support the Cleanup whenever it works best for you.

Group Leader questions

I don’t know where my group should clean up. Please advise me.

Review the map on the Event Homepage for some sites that have been reported to us. You are always welcome to choose your own location. Think about your favorite park, city block, boat ramp, neighborhood hang-out. Trash travels, so even picking up litter off a city sidewalk can help protect wildlife and communities that depend on clean waterways.

The system is prompting me to name my group and include city and state. I’m not sure where I will choose to clean up yet. What should I do?  

You can leave it blank for now. You can edit your group page anytime by logging into your dashboard.

I did not set a fundraising goal during registration. May I do so afterwards?

YES! Group leaders can adjust their fundraising goal after registering. Just log into your dashboard > Our Team > Update My Team's Goal.

Where can I find all the items I need to bring to my Cleanup (aka the Welcome Packet)?

Just click on Group Leader Welcome Packet and you will be taken to our website with each file available for download and/or printing. These items are also stored on the qgiv Dashboard in the Resources section.

Need additional help? 

Our Cleanup staff are ready to assist you. Feel free to sign up for a 30-min block: Stacey (Mon/Wed), Kayla (Thur/Fri)

Volunteer questions

I'm looking to register for a group. Please walk me through the registration process!

  1. Click the REGISTER HERE button (on Event Home or any Cleanup Group page)
  2. Select PUBLIC or PRIVATE (depending on the nature of the group-see note below), then NEXT
  4. Scroll down to the group you'd like to join (or type name or city or state in search bar), then JOIN THIS GROUP
  5. Fill out your contact info, agree to waiver, then COMPLETE REGISTRATION

I’d like to join a particular group but I don’t see it listed in the dropdown menu. What should I do?

Option 1: Try searching by group name or city or state to get a full list in your area.

Option 2: Come back later. Your group leader may not have registered yet. 

I don't know where to cleanup. Can you help me?

Choose [Looking for group] from the dropdown menu. In the "Questions to the group leader" field, let us know region of interest and we will be in touch with you to help you find an appropriate group.

The group I want to join says “PRIVATE” but I am an employee/member/student of that group. Can I still join?

MAYBE! If your group leader let you know the name of their group and the link to their page, you are welcome to join. If you're trying to join an employee group (or school or club...), and you are not part of that entity, please do not join these PRIVATE groups. We are using the PUBLIC/PRIVATE designation as a guide/honor system.

I prefer to do my own Cleanup but the system prompts me to choose a group. What should I do?

Go for it! From the registration page, select "Private" and then "Solo Volunteer." Your cleanup information will not be public. Have a great Cleanup and be sure to submit your Trash Tally!

Still need help after reading this page? View Plan Your Cleanup on the CRC website.