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Step Up San Diego 2022

Let's Step Up for Salvation Army & UPLIFT San Diego!

Thank you for joining my efforts to raise funds for two of my favorite nonprofits! Salvation Army and UPLIFT exist to make transformative impact in San Diego.I believe in both organizations wholeheartedly. I serve as a Board Member for UPLIFT and have been a longtime donor to Salvation Army. More importantly, I have witnessed with my own eyes and heart the incredible impact these groups have on the people they serve. Here are links to their websites so you can learn more:

About SALVATION ARMY - Always on the front lines with shelter, food distribution and other necessities to families, seniors and children, COVID response has increased demand for Salvation Army services by nearly 300% since the start of pandemic! https://sandiego.salvationarmy.org/

PLUS read about the new New Rady Residence keeping homeless families together in San Diego ♥

About UPLIFT - Urban People Living in Faith & Trust - Uplifting San Diego’s inner-city communities by transforming the lives of people in need with Homeless Services & Student Services. 

UPLIFT URGENT COVID Reopening needs include:

  • Student Services - added staff time & equipment to host FREE Kids At Heart Tutoring as a hybrid model this school year, with both site-based sessions AND virtual platform for low income students, who are especially at risk of falling behind in school right now.  
  • Homeless Services - homeless housing support for Home Team Volunteer Advocate program, turning Shelter to Home for those in transitional shelters and motels 

If you want to make a huge difference, please consider joining my team, starting your own team to support another favorite non-profit too, or if you have the means to give, please consider supporting our team with a generous donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us Step Up the transformative work of both these great organizations during this time of great need. 

Team Captain Monica Ball


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