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Thank you for joining my efforts to raise funds for two of my favorite nonprofits! CK Connections and UPLIFT exist to make transformative impact in San Diego.I believe in both organizations wholeheartedly. I serve as Co-director of CK Connections & Board Member for UPLIFT. More importantly, I have witnessed the incredible impact these groups have on those they serve.

 Here are links to the websites so you can learn more:

CK Connections - CRU San

Co-Founders, Pastor Thomas L. & Dr. Ethel E. Sims have been serving together in several multi-faceted roles in Faith-Based Leadership along with their expertise in Community Development, Technology and Real Estate for over 30 years.

Their involvement in Ministry platforms and Marketplace venues consist of linking resources to expand positive opportunities for children, family and communities in such a way that joint efforts, projects and partnerships will fulfill the Great Commission in Kingdom Building.

The Sims answered their calling in ministry in 1995 and began their pastorate assignment and church planting at Christ CornerStone Church in 2000 in the Greater Golden Hill community.

Since that time, the church entity and its existing affiliation as KFAMM - Koenonia Family Ambassadors Ministry-Missions have operated in several capacities to continue their calling, mission-driven assignments and church-based efforts.

Pathway Vision: Say YES! Mission: Building Better Lives, Families and Communities.


Inner City San Diego | Cru

UPLIFT - Urban People Living in Faith & Trust - Uplifting San Diego’s inner-city communities by transforming the lives of people in need with Homeless Services & Student Services.

UPLIFT URGENT COVID Reopening related needs include funding for:

  • Student Services - added staff time & equipment to host our FREE Kids At Heart Tutoring as a hybrid model this school year, with both site-based sessions AND virtual platform for low income students, who are especially at risk of falling behind in school right now.   
  • Homeless Services - homeless housing support for Home Team Volunteer Advocate program, turning Shelter to Home for those in transitional shelters and motels 

If you want to make a huge difference, please consider joining my team, starting your own team to support another favorite non-profit too, or if you have the means to give, please consider supporting our team with a generous donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us Level UP the transformative work of both these great organizations during this time of great need. 

Gratefully with you in God's service, 
Dr. Ethel Sims


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  • Flights Climbed Great job! 512 flights climbed for CK Connections on Aug 20th August 2022 $10,240.00
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  • Flights Climbed Great job! 512 flights climbed for CK Connections on Aug 20th August 2022 $10,240.00
  • Flights Climbed Congrats! 335 flights climbed 8/13 August 2022 $6,700.00
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