Frequently Asked Questions


  • SPONSORSHIP DEADLINE & TEAM FUNDRAISING DEADLINE -- Sunday, August 14th at 11:59pm Eastern:
    • SPONSORSHIP DEADLINE: Diamond and Platinum Sponsors who donate by this date will have their name (individual) or logo (company) displayed on participant t-shirts. Gold Sponsors will have their name listed on participant T-shirts. Sponsors who donate after Sunday, August 14th at 11:59pm Eastern time will have their name or logo displayed on the Strides for CJD website only.
    • TEAM FUNDRAISING DEADLINE: Teams who raise $1,000 by this deadline will have their loved one's name listed on participant t-shirts.
  • T-SHIRT DEADLINE -- Wednesday, August 24th, 11:59pm Eastern: Register by this time to be guaranteed a free Strides for CJD t-shirt with your registration.
  • FUNDRAISING COMPETITION ENDS -- Thursday, September 8th, 11:59pm Eastern: Learn more about the fundraising competition and prizes for the top two fundraising teams nationally here.
  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE -- Thursday, September 15th, 11:59pm Eastern: Adults can register for $30.00 and youth 12 & under can register for $20.00 now thru this time. Registration costs will increase by $5.00 on 9/16/22.
  • Thursday, September 29th, 12:00pm Eastern: Final day to register online for events on October 1st & 2nd.
  • Thursday, October 6th, 12:00pm Eastern:  Final day to register online for events on October 8th & 9th.

How much is registration?

Adults: $30.00 now thru Thurs., Sept. 15th at 11:59pm Eastern, $35.00 beginning Fri., Sept. 16th.
Youth 12 & Under: $20.00 now thru Thurs., Sept. 15th at 11:59pm Eastern, $25.00 beginning Fri., Sept. 16th.

I didn't register before the deadline. Can I register on-site?

Yes, you can register on-site the day of the event. 
*Note: In Seattle, please try to register in advance because the city charges us a percentage of the on-site payments.

What does registration include? 

Your registration includes a Strides for CJD 2022 participant t-shirt if you register by Wednesday, August 24th, 11:59pm Eastern.

When do I get my t-shirt (if you registered by the t-shirt deadline)?
If you registered for one of our in-person walks, you can pick up your t-shirt on-site the day of the event. If you registered as an individual or small group (not for an in-person walk), you will receive your t-shirt by mail by mid-October.

Family or friends are attending an in-person walk. I cannot attend the in-person walk, but I still want to walk on my own (e.g. in my neighborhood or community). Which location should I register for?
If you do not plan to attend one of our in-person walks, choose Individual or Small Group Run/Walk for your location. You can still participate as a member of your family's or friend's team from a different location.

I accidentally registered twice. Can I get one of the fees back?
Currently, users are restricted to only being able to register and create a fundraising account ONCE per email address. If you accidentally register twice under two different email addresses, the registration fee cannot be refunded. 

How do I become a sponsor?
Click on the 'Sponsor/Donate' button on any page. 

Do you accept checks?
Yes. Please make checks payable to: 
CJD Foundation
3634 W. Market Street, Suite 110
Akron, OH  44333

Can I claim my personal donation, or tell team members or sponsors they can claim their donation as a tax deduction?
Yes. The CJD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization (Federal EIN: 650404623). Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If your employer matches donations, please consider requesting a match to complement your personal contribution.

Does all the money donated go to the CJD Foundation?
Yes. Proceeds will support the CJD Foundation’s General Fund, which supports medical education, family support, and research programs.

Do registration fees count toward the fundraising competition, or the $1,000+ to have my loved one's name included on the participant t-shirt?
No. Registration fees do not count toward the fundraising competition, or the $1,000+ to have your loved one's name included on the participant t-shirt. They will not appear on the team or individual fundraising thermometers.

I would like to sponsor Strides for CJD. What are the different sponsorship levels?

Donations of $250 and above are considered sponsorships. Learn more about sponsorships here.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Diamond  $10,000
  • Platinum $5,000
  • Gold  $1,000
  • Silver  $500
  • Bronze  $250

As a sponsor, will my logo appear on the shirts and on the website?

The deadline for Sponsors' names (individuals) or logos (companies) to appear on participant t-shirts is Sunday, August 14th at 11:59pm Eastern time.

Diamond and Platinum Sponsors will have their name or logo* displayed on participant T-shirts, the Strides for CJD website, and signage. Gold Sponsors will have their name or logo* displayed on the Strides for CJD website, and will have their name listed on participant T-shirts and signage.

Sponsorships made after Sunday, August 14th at 11:59 Eastern time will have their name or logo* displayed on the Strides for CJD website only. 

Silver and Bronze Sponsors will have their name listed on the Strides for CJD website only.

*Please email your logo to in the following formats:

  • Logos for the Website: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .pjpeg (max. file size: 10MB)
  • Logos for the T-Shirts: .API,  .EPS 

If I forget my password, how do I log in?
Click the "Log in or Sign up" button in the top right hand corner of the screen and select "Forgot your password?" Enter the email address you created your account under and a password reset email will be sent to that email address.

How do I change my team name?
Only team captains can change the team name (log into their fundraising page, go to the Fundraising Dashboard, click Our Team on the black sidebar on the left, and then click the Change Team Name button at top). If you need assistance, you can contact an administrator at to request a name change. 

What if someone wants to sponsor or donate to me or my team, but doesn't want to register for the walk?  How do they find my page?

The quickest and easiest way for family and friends to find your personal fundraising page is for your to share your personal fundraising page link.  You can find this link when you log into your personal fundraising page: Click "Fundraising Tools," and then click "Copy My Page URL."  You can then paste and send that URL to your family and friends so they can easily find your page. 

If you have not sent your URL to someone who wants to donate toward your fundraising goal, they can find your personal fundraising page by navigating to the Search bar in the top left-hand corner.  There, they can type in your name/your team's name, and click your name/your team's name when it appears.

How do I set-up a Facebook fundraiser that is linked with my personal fundraising thermometer?
Please see the How to Set Up a Facebook Fundraiser guide. A Facebook fundraiser must be set up from your Qgiv personal fundraising page following the steps outlined in the guide in order for the fundraiser to be linked with your fundraising thermometer.  If a fundraiser is created directly through Facebook, the funds raised will still go to the CJD Foundation, but they will not go toward Strides for CJD 2022 or be added to your fundraising thermometer. 

Can I take pictures at the event?
Absolutely, please do! We encourage you to share your pictures on social media. It's a great way to promote awareness about CJD. We may also want to use them on our website.

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