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I learned about TASC from a close friend and mentor when I was at a career crossroads. I had just left my PR position at Los Angeles's tourism bureau because even though I loved L.A., I felt like a piece of my heart was missing in my day-to-day work.

When it comes to doing what I personally felt was meaningful work, TASC filled that piece of not just my heart, but my soul. Here, I was able to use so many of my already gained skills, but in a completely different way...and better yet, for the 200+ clients with developmental disabilities that TASC works with. 

It's honestly hard to truly understand TASC's culture until you feel it for yourself. Every. Single. Person. you will meet at TASC genuinely cares about the clients that we serve, are extremely supportive to coworkers and just overall kind, caring people (and a very fun-loving crowd!).

The clients themselves are all so incredible in their unique ways as well. In fact, they teach me things every day, whether it be about their passions or the way they view the world. In doing so, they have helped gain a different perspective on life.

And don't even get me started on the families of the clients! TASC is fortunate to have wonderful families associated whom are supportive, kind and overall great people themselves.

To give a quick reality of our situation: Due to COVID, we've had to cancel all of our in-person fundraisers for the foreseeable future. Our major event of the year has been postponed to 2021, and that alone brought in roughly $20,000. 

Last year in April, over 2,000 people consisting of clients served, their families and staff participating in a rally to inform lawmakers that our services were severly underfunded. At first, 2020 looked bright, but now, similarly to many things in our current lives, the bright future of increased funding is starting to look grim. 

Donation dollars are going to mean more than ever, but it's a tough time. So please, if you have the resources to give, please consider donating. If you don't have financial resources, the power of sharing this page, liking our social media channels and sharing our organization with your network will help spread the message and make a big difference for us. 

Oh, and if you happen to know Governor Gavin Newsom - please tell him to listen to our pleas to support our services. They are essential for 330,000 Californians, along with their families that rely on the support and the staff that rely on the income of providing the support.

I feel so blessed to be here at TASC knowing all of the incredible work this organization does for the community. Please consider donating to my page as it will help TASC continue providing these essentia services to these extraordinary individuals served.

Thank you! Stay safe!





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  • Michael & Lisa Mekjian To the hardest working volunteer coordinator we know. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Michael & Lisa Mekjian April 2020 $300.00
  • Helen Bacock May 2020 $150.00
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