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Less of a Company, More of a Family

Sixteen years ago I started working with developmentally disabled children after working at one unfulfilling job after another. Encountering that group of children, their parents, and of course the staff that I worked with and for was an enlightening and enriching experience for me. Here was a community of people living a morally and ethically beautiful coexistence dedicated to bettering our diverse community as a whole. The parents and staff tried their best to make the world of these program participants a better place was an obvious aspect of this, yes, but the kids themselves demonstrated everything I love in humanity. The spontaneity, the desire to become better, the unfolding discovery, the good humor that I prize in every human interaction seemed to be concentrated in my daily interactions with them in a way I had never seen before and I quickly became proud of being a part of it.

That program is gone, long since swept away by the economic collapse that damaged developmental services all over the country not so many years ago. Now I'm working with a different company, but so many of the faces I see on a day to day basis demonstrate something I realized years ago, that this community is a larger family than I ever imagined I would be a part of, and the people that I've been honored and truly privileged to meet and work with here at T.A.S.C. exemplify the best of this community and its young tradition of innovation.

Today though, we are again in need of support from the general community. You may not be able to participate as a program instructor like myself or some of the truly heroic and brilliantly creative administrators who make this community the force for freedom and independence that it is but we are in need of funds that will be used for the enrichment of our participants lives.

I gain little, myself by asking for your help as these funds will not be used to pay my wages. Nor will they be used to line the pockets of administrators and our governing officers. They will be used to pay for special events and programs like gym memberships for participants, special outings to public events when they again become safe to participate in and much much more.

Whatever way you support us, whether it be financially, by simply sharing this page, or helping us by sharing our story, it is very much appreciated and we are proud to have you as a part of this expansive family.

Lots of love and mental hugs,

Rob Elm

(Day Program Instructor)





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  • Adam Adler May 2020 $10.00
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  • Robert Elm May 2020 $30.00
  • Lorraine Elm Great job ! T.A.S.C. all the way ! May 2020 $25.00
  • Adam Adler May 2020 $10.00
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