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A touching family story as told by Paul's Sister, Nancy Gillen:

"TASC has been such a gift to Paul and our family. It makes us so happy to see him enjoy his time with staff and learning about the community he lives in."


Paul was born to Andrew and Marianne on November 8. Paul was their 15th child, but not their last. Paul was blessed to be followed by twin brothers (Robert & Timothy) just 16 months later. Paul and the twins were always referred to as "the three boys" in the family and shared many activities together. Paul is very proud of this distinction and is especially excited when "the three boys" are reunited.

The Three Boys, Robert, Paul and Timothy. 

When Paul was brought home from Holy Cross Hospital after his birth, my parents stated that we were given the opportunity to take care of an "angel" here on earth. Little did the family know that they were right! Years later, when my sister Sue received her developed pictures back after a trip to Hawaii, the truth came out! There in the picture was a golden halo above Paul's head, which was not present when the photo was taken. (This was well before personal computers and photo enhancing programs existed.)

Paul in the photo that was developed with a golden halo.

After my father passed away in 1998, my mother and I took Paul to many programs to find the right fit for him as an adult. We were very fortunate to find TASC and have enjoyed watching Paul grow and develop along with the program. TASC has been such a gift to Paul and our family. It makes us so happy to see him enjoy his time with staff and learning about the community he lives in. The experience makes Paul feel important and proud. He has grown a very strong attachment to the amazing staff who have shown nothing but respect and kindness toward him on a daily basis. 

Thank you to everyone at TASC for showing love, compassion and respect to all those that attend the program!

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