Other Ways to Help!

Here is a list of other ways that you can help support families with autistic children disrupted by the war in Ukraine.

Spectrum Inspired Greeting Cards in Support of Ukraine

Connor Thompson is a Flutie Fellow and autism self-advocate, who is a very talented photographer. He enjoys taking professional photos of nature. Right now, he's selling beautiful sunflower greeting cards in honor of those in Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Flutie Foundation to support Project Hope and people with autism disrupted by the war in Ukraine. Please consider buying Connor's postcard. 

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Upward Ever! Chelsea's Way to Freedom by Annette Dhanasar

After surviving a car accident at the age of 5, Chelsea’s life changed forever! Chelsea discovered her mobility would be restricted to a wheelchair and so she started to learn that life in her world will be different. Lexi became Chelsea’s best friend as she watched Chelsea progress with her recovery after the accident, and spent years at her sister’s side cheering her through every bit of success that came Chelsea’s way. Chelsea and Lexi adopted Roxy from the local pet shelter and together they built their own little world of fun as they enjoyed every spare moment making Roxy the happiest little puppy in the world. The sight of Roxy getting injured crushes Chelsea's self-esteem as she is reminded of her limitations. However, the love from her family gives her strength as she watches Roxy recover. When Chelsea tried making new friends, she was shunned. With love from her parents and support from her school, Chelsea finds her way into a new found friendship with Ella!

This book is about Chelsea’s triumphs and how she learns to adapt mentally while being challenged with her physical limitations. Perfect for kids learning English or French as their second language. Enjoy learning about inclusion, family inspiration and self-reflection!

Upward Ever! Children's Book Trailer

Buy Amazon Items From Ukrainian Families' Wish Lists

Dr. Yulika Forman has families create wish lists directly on Amazon of what they need most for their families members with autism. Please click the link below, directly you to Project Hope's page, to learn more. Thank you!

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