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On February 27, 2012 our sweet Lucy was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome after nearly a year of waiting and wondering, and worrying. First the doctors said it was "just" hypotonia, but I didn't really believe that. In my gut and in my heart I knew that something more was going on with my baby.

After becoming more assertive with our pediatrician, we eventually found ourselves seeing a developmental neurologist who tested her for first Angelman's Syndrome, and then Rett. Lucy never had words, she does not crawl, walk, or even stand independently yet. She is happy most of the time and loving all of the time! She smiles, cuddles, and giggles in the best of ways. She has many, many people who love and care about her who are always thinking of ways they can help her!

Lucy loves books, she loves PBS, she loves to eat, and she loves riding in her wagon and going down the sliding board. Nothing changed for Lucy on February 27th...she is just still the same wonderful, beautiful, happy girl she always was, even though our lives will never be the same.





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