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Magnolia was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome one month after her 3rd birthday. We were in a state of shock. Magnolia's first 2 years were typical for development with just a small delay. After her 2nd birthday she was extremely sensitive to sound, but that passed after a few months.

That is how our next year would go, issues would come up but would go away after a bit. It wasn't until she regressed in her speech, did we think something major was happening. Magnolia was speaking in two word phrases..."Bye bye daddy, Bye bye mommy, bye bye poo poo, bye bye pee pee." When her regression phase hit, she slowly lost words, but they would come and go. We thought we were dealing with Apraxia, but it turns out that is not the case.

Right now, Magnolia is considered a mild case, since she can walk, among other things. She still has her hand functions, but with added stereotypies of hand wringing and constant arm movements. We work hard everyday with therapists and at home to keep the functions that she does have. Our goal is to raise money and awareness for a cure for Rett Syndrome.





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  • Anonymous March 2019 $100.00
  • Anonymous Praying for the cure April 2019 $50.00
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