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A few thoughts...

Maternal/neonatal tetanus causes painful - and preventable - deaths.  Just $1.80 provides a series of three vaccine doses to protect a woman and her future newborns. 

Click "donate now” to make a gift then invite others to join the movement. Funds raised will count toward my Kiwanis clubs' fundraising efforts for The Eliminate Project.  

Can't decide how much to give?  Here are a few ideas...
$5,000 - just eight people contributing this amount will complete our goal!
$1,800 - protect 1,000 families! also a lucky composite number...
$100 - one person giving this much each day would nearly finish our goal by the end of a year
For something a little random, why not the number on your license plate? 
Every dollar helps!

On behalf of myself, Kiwanis International, and the women and babies you will help, thank you for your support!





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My Supporters

  • Shayna Kurland January 2017 $25.00
  • Daniel Loch January 2017 $50.00
  • Andrew Ward January 2017 $180.00
  • Curt Brosdahl January 2017 $100.00
  • Jacob Christie January 2017 $100.00
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  • Anonymous December 2016 $1,000.00
  • Courtney Taylor January 2017 $680.00
  • Anonymous December 2016 $500.00
  • Andrew Ward January 2017 $180.00
  • Curt Brosdahl January 2017 $100.00
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