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March 24, 2020 - June 30, 2020

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So This is My Story - Never Told and a Little Uncomfortable.

If I could create the perfect me, I would be  6'2" and weigh 225 lbs.  I would have amazing eye-hand coordination and be a dominant force in any sport I chose to participate.  In reality, I have terrible eye-hand coordination and take after my Mother.  My Dad, on the other hand is an excellent athlete, and at 88 years old, can still shoot low 80's and on good days high 70's on the golf course.

As a kid, our large family was split, with half on Team Mom and the other half Team Dad.  Team Dad was brutal!  They were not nice to us and took every opportunity to point out how we were losers.  It's not surprising that when I started playing soccer at age 5, I was more interested in the planes flying over head.  The worst was baseball, and nothing speaks more about my lack of knowledge, than to have my 4-year old brother deliver a snow cone to the outfield during the middle of a game!  There...I said it! 

As I grew up, I stopped playing team sports because I was so self-conscious.  I focused on more introverted activities like cross country and track.  I did not put myself in situations where I could be vulnerable or seen as "not good".

Don't get me wrong, I love sports and I love winning.  I grew up in Texas, so my love for the Dallas Cowboys is ongoing as is my love for all college teams from Texas.  I have a new passion for the Tar Heels, my partners alma mater.

My partner introduced me to gay athletics.  He is a great softball player (shortstop) and plays/played tennis and basketball.  The first time I went to the ball fields with him, I was shocked at the number of people participating.  What was more amazing was that many of the people there were like me, not very good, but out there having a great time.

The Pride Cup is a celebration of how important gay athletics are to our community.  They offer a safe place to participate and be yourself.  Do NOT get me wrong, there are some amazing athletes competeing.  Many former high school and NCAA athletes who were exceptional competitors from earlier years. 

I love that we are creating a world-class event that will showcase incredible athletic talent and offer all a safe and fun space to be included.





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