The term 'TILTTING' stands for Thermodynamic Investigation of LCL Thresholds during Tornado-genesis and its Influence in the Northeast and Great Plains

Tornadoes are responsible for a high percentage of weather-related deaths and injuries in the United States each year, despite the fact that warning lead times have significantly improved in recent years. A large part of this is due to remaining forecasting challenges involving tornadoes, including their inception (referred to as "tornadogenesis"), track, and intensity. We will investigate differences in cloud base height at tornadogenesis between the Great Plains and the Northeast. To accomplish this, we will utilize a full array of meteorological instrumentation to collect atmospheric data in environments conducive to supercell development.

The purpose of this research project is to better understand why tornadoes only develop in specific environments and under certain circumstances. Because tornadogenesis research in the Northeast is sparse, our data collection and analyses will help fill these knowledge gaps and improve tornado warning lead times.


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For more information on this project, please contact the team at teamtiltting@gmail.com

What will my donation fund?

To accomplish the goals of our project, money for the following items will be needed, along with food and travel expenses. Some of the items within our budget include but are not limited to equipment such as:

Travel Expenses Equipment Meteorological
Food          $3,808 Power Converter    $52 Kestrel 5200             $339
Gas           $3,864 Midland W.T.           $200 R.M. Young 05108      $4,854
Lodging      $3,675 Wi-Fi/Hotspot          $520 DJI Phantom 4            $1,600
Misc        $1,108 GoPros                     $1,270 TILTTING-23 Drone     $5,200
    Windsonds                   $6,010
    TILTTING-23 Probes   $1,500
TOTAL           $12,455 TOTAL                           $2,042 TOTAL                                  $19,503