Melissa Kanter - 2019 TTMS Racer (NYC Half Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon)

I am proud once again to be a racer for Team Tisch MS (TTMS). After completing my 4th marathon  as part of the inaugural season for TTMS in 2015, I have continued to be  inspired and motivated by all the Team Tisch athletes.  Finding a cure  for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is near and dear to my heart. 

Unfortunately,  I have seen firsthand how this disease can affect those that have it.   It looks differently on everyone. Some fight it quietly without wanting  to burden those around them (although it’s never a burden), some fight  it loudly and ferociously and others simply take it day by day. But no  matter how it looks, the disease is tough and those that fight it are  some of the strongest warriors that I know. And in the end, a world  without MS would be a better place and the work of the Tisch MSRCNY  researchers are breaking down barriers and taking us closer to a cure.     

This year, I am dedicating my  fundraising efforts to honor the amazing work that my husband Dr.  Stephen Kanter does each day working to grow TTMS in addition to being a  physical therapist at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management  Practice (IMSMP). He works tirelessly to help those with MS live their  lives more fully and his passion knows no bounds. I am so proud when I  learn about what he has done to make lives better for people with MS.  Through his work, I have had the opportunity to meet amazing doctors,  practitioners, and researchers who are pioneering new approaches to  treat and hopefully cure MS. It is truly inspiring to have a front row  seat to this amazing work.     

So as I begin training, which means lots of long runs, I hope that you will support me in this cause. Whatever contribution you make, no matter the size, will have a huge  impact.     

I thank you in advance for helping me cross additional finish lines!   





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  • Anonymous May 2019 $1,520.00
  • Jill Howard July 2019 $500.00
  • Anonymous Love you and appreciate all you and Stephen do to support MS research July 2019 $500.00
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